Best Price Guarantee

Book with confidence

If you find a lower on-line price for the same bungalow on the same date, we will honor the lower price AND give you a FREE 1 hr Balinese massage for letting us know.

It’s simple

An instant booking with Bali Eco Stay is quick, easy and guaranteed best value. We value our customers and prefer direct bookings because:

  • we will have each others contact details
  • it’s easier for us to look after you
  • more information to choose the best bungalow
  • we can help you with transport and directions
  • we offer the best rates, inclusions, packages and upgrades!

20% local discount

We welcome Indonesian Nationals and Bali Expat Kitas holders with a further 20% discount on direct bookings. Email direct for this discount

How it works

Simply make an instant booking here on our website and email us within 24hrs with the better offer you found on-line. Please add a screen shot of the offer if possible. Email

Or phone us direct to discuss our Best Price Guarantee.

We will match the price, or if you have already booked in the last 24 hrs, we will credit any difference as a meal voucher and give you credit for a relaxing 1hr Balinese Massage at Bali Eco Stay.

Does it qualify?

This is a genuine offer, but sorry, we cannot guarantee the following:

  • Promotional rates that are not available to the public, such as negotiated rates for companies and travel agencies, or where the hotel name is not given until after the reservation.
  • Currency differences
  • Websites such as,, and, that are not genuine partners of Bali Eco Stay, and therefore we cannot be responsible for the offers on these websites.
  • Prices from websites, ‘on-request’, that do not give an immediate booking confirmation.
Little Padi Treehouse
Harvest eco bungalow - bedroom