Our Water

Bali Eco Stay pure spring water


Directly sourced from Mount Batukaru, our filtered pure spring water is packed with minerals and nutrients, making it the purest water you will ever drink in Bali. You can even drink it straight from our taps. No chemicals needed, just pure natural goodness.


Fresh drinking water is a precious commodity on Bali, as it is slowly running out. Due to the rapid growth of toursim on the island and lack of water preservation, Bali is now struggling with serious water shortages, especially in the south.

No plastic bottles please!

We offer unlimited complimentary filtered spring water to all guests by providing a water dispenser in each bungalow. We have a strict no plastic bottled water policy to eliminate plastic waste. In fact, even the bungalow shower and tap water is filtered spring water, which has been oxygenated and mineralized by Mother Nature. Hikers are equipped with stainless steel bottles for hydration.


Conserving every drop

Although we are located in a high rainfall area, we choose to use water responsibly and save it as much as possible. We use low water pressure showers and dual flush toilets, and change bathroom towels every 3 days or on request. Each toilet and shower has its own septic system and wastewater garden.


The water is recycled back into nature via vegetated wastewater gardens, which allow us to protect the environment. Wastewater flows through specially designed tanks where solids are naturally broken down and can then flow out into the wastewater beds. These are heavily planted out with “gross feeders”, which are plants that are nutrient hungry. We use ornamental ginger varieties for their high nutrient demand, and the flowers produced are harvested and used in decorative arrangements. If there is a watercourse close by, we plant extra heavy feeders (such as bananas) outside the wastewater garden and before the watercourse, in order to soak up any nutrients that may have escaped our wastewater bed planting.


Natural cleaning

In order to ensure that our wastewater garden remains healthy, we provide you with hand-made natural soaps and shampoos, which are made locally and smell so good. We only use biodegradable laundry and detergents, sodium bicarbonate for stubborn fabric stains, baking soda and vinegar for cleaning purposes. The guest swimming area is a non-chemically treated natural rock pool.


Water powered

Our river is also used to generate most of our power. Hydro electricity powers 60% of the resort except for refrigeration, which requires a stable and consistent power source. We have generators for backup in case something unpredictable happens (this is Bali after all).