Now is the best time to come to Bali. It’s lovely and quiet – just like Bali used to be.

Bali Eco Stay is a safe distance from Mount Agung volcano. We have clean air, pure mountain spring water, fresh food and hydro power.

In the rare event of the airport being closed, we will extend your stay free of charge.

Don’t worry, we always look after you in Bali.

If you find a lower on-line price for our bungalows, we will honor the lower price

and give you a FREE 1 hr Balinese massage for letting us know.

Little Padi Treehouse

Jungle Sleeping

With open-air overwater bungalows, enjoy ever changing and vibrantly coloured views of rice paddies, mountain streams, food forests as far as the eye can reach and even the sea. By night, drift to sleep to the soothing chorus of tropical jungle sounds and flowing water.

Nasi Campur

Garden Dining

Indulge in organically grown food at Bali Eco Stay restaurant to rediscover the pure taste of fruits, vegetables, freshwater fish and pasture raised organic chicken. Enjoy bursting flavours of authentic Balinese home cooking prepared with love and respect for nature.

Our waterfall

Nature Living

Jungle playground for the curious at heart! Get off the beaten track and forget about city life. Lounge in freshwater rock pools, learn traditional crafts with our Kakek (grandfather), and explore untouched landscapes and villages either by foot, bike or scooter.


Sleeping in nature – choose a romantic bungalow for two or a large family bungalow


Unspoiled Water, Food and Air

Our food

Fed on fresh coconut, organic greens and heritage rice, our free-range chickens plough away at our compost, which we use to nourish the soil of our food garden. We grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables No chemical fertilisers or pesticides are used.

Our water

Directly sourced from Mount Batukaru, our filtered spring water is packed with minerals and nutrients, making it the purest water you will ever drink in Bali. You can even drink it straight from our taps. No chemicals needed, just pure natural goodness.

Our people

Our staff are our family and we would be nothing without their kindness, hard work and commitment to cater for our guests’ every need. Our days are filled with laughter, connections and helping our guests be truly in the moment.


Bali Eco Stay

Heaven on earth