For something a little more relaxing, we have a range of workshops where you can learn about local handcrafting and traditional techniques. The Balinese have incredible patience when it comes to making things, which results in beautiful decorations and art pieces. You will be inspired to start making your own crafts back home. All activities can be arranged in advance or simply when you arrive.


Immerse yourself into the rich Balinese culture and learn new artistic skills. With years of experience and incredible patience, your Balinese guide will teach you woodcarving or show you how to make traditional Balinese flutes, baskets and kites.


You can also learn how to make traditional Balinese dishes with our cooking classes, make traditional coconut oil, or learn how to weave coconut leaves to make a shelter, which is a great activity to do with children.

Workshops at Bali Eco Stay

Cooking classes

Cook a Balinese dish

Learn how to prepare your favourite Balinese dish. Choose from one of the local dishes on our menu or if you have a particular dish in mind, our experienced cooking staff will teach you how to make it.

1 hour:  Rp 100,000 / person


Make traditional coconut oil

Learn the traditional method for extracting the oil from coconut flesh, which is then used for cooking our delicious Balinese dishes.

1 hour: Rp 200,000 / person

Traditional Balinese weaving

Create a shelter

Weave coconut palm leaves to create a shelter. This is a great activity for children or survivalists.

Approximately 2 hours: Rp 350,000 / person

Rp 100,000 / 2+ person


Weave a small bamboo mat

Rp 100,000 / person


Weave a bamboo basket

Rp 200,000 / person
Rp 150,000 / person


Weave a coconut leaf bag (Advanced)

Rp 150,000 / person
Rp 100,000 / 2+ person

Local Ceremonies

Hinduism is very strong in Bali. Throughout the year, colourful ceremonies take place in temples all over the island.


If you wish to take part, you can join one of the many ceremonies taking place in our nearby village. One of our staff will help you to dress appropriately according to the custom and guide you there.


It’s a very special thing to attend a ceremony here in Bali, where you can watch the incredible grace, devotion and sheer beauty of these religious gatherings.

Make something with Kakek (our grandfather)

Craft a kite

Which you can then fly, wind permitting.

2 hours: Rp 200,000 / person

Rp 150,000 / 2+person


Craft a traditional bamboo flute

1 hour: Rp 150,000 / person

Rp 100,000 / 2+ person


Craft a wooden knife and sheath

1 hour: Rp 150,000 / person

Rp 100,000 / 2+ person

Woodcarving with Kadek

Learn the incredible skills of Balinese woodcarving that have been around for centuries. This activity is great for children aged 7 upwards. You can work on a traditional Balinese design or create your own.

1 hour

Rp 150,000 / person

Rp 100,000 / 2+ person


Depending on the detail of your wood carving, 2 or more hours may be required to complete your beautiful work of art.

Extra hour

Rp 100,000 / hour

Balinese decoration and offering presentation

Learn how to make Balinese decorations and offerings, which are used in Balinese ceremonies all year round.


1 hour: Rp 100,000 / person