Our People

Jointly owned and loved


Our staff and the local community are part of our family. We would be nothing without their kindness, hard work and commitment to making Bali Eco Stay truly unique in all that it offers, and more importantly to make it feel like a home for our guests.


The land on which we have built Bali Eco Stay has been leased to us for 50 years. Our Balinese landowners have retained ownership of their property but have also become an integral part of the business, working as office manager and restaurant manager. This means they have a personal interest in making the resort an incredible place to stay, as this is also their home.


We worked with local farmers to build an extensive network of stabilised access paths throughout the resort to enable them to reach their rice paddies and temples whilst preserving the landscape.

Work life balance

All hospital expenses for staff are covered by the resort, which includes a three-month full pay maternity leave and two weeks full pay for paternity leave. We also make sure that we are closed for three days during the year so that our staff can enjoy the religious ceremonies of Nyepi and the Balinese New Year with their familes.


The local neighbourhood

We lead several activities in our neighbouring villages, which include funding programmes in nearby schools to educate the next generation of local children on recycling and environmental awareness through movies and lectures. Educating the local villagers is a vital part of waste management as the Balinese culture of throwing rubbish on the ground comes from a history of everything being wrapped in banana leaf. They do not understand why plastic does not disappear so quickly so we have to redouble our efforts on a continual basis.


Bali Eco Stay also contributes to the local Banjar (which is the organisational centre of the community) to support important ceremonial sites. We also support local businesses to provide mountain bike and motorbike hire, trekking services and taxis for our guests. Where possible, we work with local artists to decorate the resort.