Accommodation in Bali takes many forms, ranging from home-stays offering simplicity and authenticity, to five star resorts providing pure luxury and decadence.


Somewhere within these two extremes sits Bali Eco Stay, a mountain resort offering nourishment for all your senses within a natural setting of food forests, rice fields and towering mountains reaching as far as the eye can see.


What distinguishes Bali Eco Stay from the rest is that it will not be found along the well-beaten tourist trails of Bali.  Its remote location provides a unique opportunity for travellers seeking something different and off the beaten track to experience another side of Bali – the Bali from 40 years ago with its untouched pristine landscapes and charming villages steeped in profound local customs.

Bali Eco Stay from the air

Nestled in its very own luscious green valley, Bali Eco Stay is surrounded by fresh water springs and pure mountain streams that cascade down a twelve-meter waterfall into a rock pool of profound beauty. The resort is surrounded by towering food forests and sculptured rice terraces, and sits 480 metres above sea level, thus creating refreshing temperatures that are at least 5 to 10 degrees cooler than the coasts of Bali.


Bali Eco Stay takes its ethos of treading lightly upon the earth very seriously, without compromising on the comfort of guests. Upon arriving in this mystical setting, you will indulge in all that nature has to offer, with fresh authentic food, breath-taking landscapes and vistas, cooling temperatures with mountain breezes and fresh rock pools. Come and rediscover your sense of equilibrium and reconnect with nature.

Spring Water Bungalow - overhead

 Loving Nature

Our story - Cath, Mini, John, Agung

Our story

Australians Cath and John Blundstone, with their Balinese family Mini and Agung, joined forces to create Bali Eco Stay. Their vision was to design the property as a working model of sustainability, and a beautiful place where rice paddies meet the jungle.

Our food

Based on permaculture principles our resort is surrounded by food gardens. With 75% of the food in our restaurant coming from our land, we use no chemical fertilizers or pesticides but choose to work in harmony with nature.

Our pure spring water

Directly sourced from Mount Batukaru, our filtered spring water is packed with minerals and nutrients, making it the purest water you will ever drink in Bali. You can even drink it straight from our taps. No chemicals needed, just pure natural goodness.

Our people

Our staff are our family and we would be nothing without their kindness, hard work and commitment to cater for our guests’ every need. Our days are filled with laughter, connections and helping our guests be truly in the moment.

Our people

Social Responsibility

Sustainable tourism provides a platform for travellers to gain a deeper understanding and respect for the regions they visit, and their indigenous people. Its focus extends beyond preserving natural habitats to the support of local communities in areas such as education, health, sport and council.

What people say

The Most Magical Getaway….

Every now and then you get swept off your feet in the most magical way. The surprise and excitement of this eco lodge is simply breathtaking. The perfect balance of mother nature and homely comforts. A haven for relaxation, romance and creativity. Every detail is thought our and nothing is too hard. The staff are genuinely happy and you can’t help but have a big smile on your face the whole time. Thank you for the most incredible time. We will be back to visit very soon. Laura