Bali Eco Stay

In the pristine mountains of
central Bali

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Published Reviews on Bali Eco Stay

Bali Eco Stay - eco lodge accommodation on the southern slopes of Mount Batukaru, northern Tabanan - has received many rave reviews since opening on Dec 27th 2010

THE AUSTRALIAN newspaper review - Sept 2012

A FEW years ago, Johnny Blundstone from Noosa on the Queensland Sunshine Coast felt the urge to completely change his lifestyle. As a veteran waiter, he had the perfect blend of understated attention and knowledge of his craft.

Then, with wife Cath and young son Huey, he trucked off to the outback for as long as it might take for a new life plan to emerge. Under the stars at Kakadu, they found themselves sharing a campfire with Norm and Linda vant Hoff, Australians of Russian and Dutch extraction who had started a small resort, based on sustainable living, in the wet mountain jungle of central Bali. If the Blundstones were looking for a radical lifestyle change, then Bali could be it. READ MORE

Eco Buzz by Monsoon Wanita

Bali Advertiser Sept 2012

It’s a cliché I know but in this case it is true - Bali Eco Stay offers the Bali everyone seeks but few are lucky to find. READ MORE

Bali Eco Stay by eco peko

April 2011

Bali Eco Stay is built amongst some of the oldest organic rice fields in Bali, the views are amazing. It was harvesting time here, so the fields were dotted with farmers waving flags to scare off the birds. There are streams and waterfalls everywhere, and the tap water is spring fed. It is the softest and purest water you will find (much, much nicer than the bottled water). The ‘pool’ is part of the stream and is a great place for the kids to play.

The joy of village life

Published in Noosa News June 2011

High in the Bali hills, where you are wet with humidity and saturated with village life, a dream is manifesting for one Peregian family. A little more than one year ago, after falling in love with the simplicity of Balinese life, Johnny & Cath Blundstone with son Huon voted for adventure. The couple unwound their attachments to home, understood what they wanted to achieve and went off to create a life profoundly at one with their eco values and beliefs. Now their dream - Bali Eco Stay - is open and operating. READ MORE

Back to the country: Bali Eco Stay

review published in Bali Advertiser 2011

How many resorts do you know that have a boulder-strewn river running through them and are totally surrounded by organic rice fields as far as the eye can see? How many have a romping six-year-old boy named after a legendary tree that can live for 4000 years? How many have a pet pig named Olivia? How many generate their own hydropower? In a small hidden valley deep in the cool mountains of central Bali lies Bali Eco Stay. READ MORE

An eco travelers story - by Miriam McIver

Bali Eco Stay owners John and Cath Blundstone are down to earth passionate conscious minded, truly inspiring people. I feel grateful for having met them in Bali. They employ locals from the village nearby and provide English lessons for the children. The connection with the villagers is integrated into the activities they have to offer guests. READ MORE


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