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Bali Eco Stay by eco peko

1 April, 2011

I’m writing this little blog, to share with you a special experience we just had in Bali .

A few days ago we were staying at the Bali Eco Stay, near Kanciana Village, Mt Batukara, Tabana. We had a wonderful stay with Cath and John, their very cute son Huey (he is 7…Levi just loved him), Mini and Agung. These guys have created a sustainable paradise, working with the villagers and families surrounding them. Because of this, you are able to see the true Bali, not just a tourist destination.

Bali Eco Stay is built amongst some of the oldest organic rice fields in Bali, the views are amazing. It was harvesting time here, so the fields were dotted with farmers waving flags to scare off the birds. There are streams and waterfalls everywhere, and the tap water is spring fed. It is the softest and purest water you will find (much, much nicer than the bottled water). The ‘pool’ is part of the stream and is a great place for the kids to play.

Whilst we were there Jess and Adam came to stay. They are travelling the island giving free acupuncture treatments to the Balinese, these are the sort of people that just add to the charm of Eco Stay. Previously they were traveling with the red cross around Asia and soon will be in America working with the Navaho.

The guys have done an amazing set up in a very short time. The complex is powered by a hydro system, the veggies and fruit are grown together in a permaculture fashion (very inspiring for my own at home). The pig Olivia (yes named after that pig), is in a run that gets moved every couple of days (when she goes down to have a swim) and digs up yet another patch to be planted out. There are fish farms dotted all around John and Caths place, which also has a grassed area for the silat, dancing and english classes. Whilst here, Levi and Loli had a class with Huey and his wonderful teacher Elisa.

I chose basket weaving from the many workshops available. Ketut took me to a traditional family house compound in the nearby village, where ‘grandfather’ taught me his art (which, I was told, I have a talent). I got to spend a couple of hours in a Balinese home and it gave me a greater understanding of the Indonesian way of life. Their love of children, respect of their elders and the importance of the family unit, is all shown with the way the homes are built all facing in to each other and with the way that they talk to each other. What kind and warm people they are.

Bali Eco Stay also offers mountain bike tours (amazing tracks down the mountain to the beach), motorbike and car tours. They also offer a variety of massages and treatments, in a very secluded massage bale, open to the foliage (heaven).

Bali Eco Stay is a fantastic place to bring the kids, to immerse yourself in the culture or just relax in beautiful surroundings knowing that you are not impacting on the environment and supporting a community.

 Eco Peko

eco : concerned with living things in relation to their environment
peko : Ancient god of crops. The protector of the fields.

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