Bali Eco Stay

In the pristine mountains of
central Bali

Ph: +62 81338042326

Breakfast 8am ~ 10 am


  • Seasonal fruit juice blend
  • or Fresh fruit platter

Then choose from:

  • Balinese pancakes with palm syrup and lime
  • Muesli with milk, honey and coconut yoghurt
  • Toast with butter and buni berry jam
  • Toast with eggs any style
  • Pisang goreng – fried bananas with palm syrup and lime
  • Bubur - traditional Balinese savoury rice porridge
  • Bubur injin – black sticky rice served with coconut cream

Accompanied by:

  • Tea or Balinese coffee


Lunch from 12 noon  or Dinner from 6pm


  • Mie goreng: stir fried noodles and vegetables, served with crackers.
  • Stir fried noodles, vegetables and chicken, served with crackers.
  • Nasi goreng: stir fried organic rice and garden vegetables, served with crackers and a fried egg.
  • Stir fried organic rice, garden vegetables and chicken, served with crackers and a fried egg.
  • Cap cay: Asian vegetables served with cashew nuts and steamed organic rice.
  • Stir fried vegetables and chicken: served with cashew nuts and steamed organic rice.
  • Bakso ayam: chicken meatball soup serve with glass noodles, vegetables and boiled egg
  • Gado-gado: steamed greens served with a boiled egg, crackers and homemade peanut sauce. 
  • Spring rolls: fiddle tip and feta with a hint of chilli.
  • Savoury rice balls: organic rice, olives, herbs and spices served with sambal and fresh salad.
  • Margarita pizza
  • Samosas filled with lightly curried vegetables and served with tomato chutney.
  • Spaghetti Agli Olio with chilli, garlic and olive oil.  OR with anchovies and olives.
  • Flaky Pastry Pies served with salad and a light dressing : steak & pepper or spinach & fetta or Thai vegetables.
  • Fresh pear, cashew and parmesan salad, served with homemade bread.
  • Greek salad: lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, olives, onion and feta.
  • French fries
  • Sweet potato fritters, served with aioli or homemade tomato sauce.

More dinner choices from 6pm


Saturday night bbq fish for 2
Mini's fish in her famous Balinese
sauce, served with steamed organic
rice and vegetables. Rp. 200,000

Ayam or bebek betutu for 2
(please order a day in advance.)
Balinese roast chicken or duck, served with steamed organic rice and vegetables. Rp. 300,000

  • Nasi campur: Balinese tapas plate of chicken or tofu satay, tempe with peanuts in a sweet and sour sauce, stir fried vegetables and a boiled egg, served with steamed organic rice, crackers and sambal ulak (A minimum of 2 people required.)
  • Pepes ikan: Balinese steamed fish, served with organic rice, vegetables and sambal mentah
  • Kari ayam: a chicken and vegetable curry slowly cooked in coconut cream, served with organic rice.
  • Bergedel ikan: homemade fish cakes, served with organic rice and vegetables.
  • Ayam rica rica: chicken strips with carrot and beans in a mild sweet soy and chilli sauce, served with steamed organic rice.
  • Crispy chicken, served with mashed potato and sauted vegetables.
  • Margarita pizza
  • Spaghetti Bolognese with minced beef and a fresh tomato sauce.
  • SUSHI, Vegetarian,,,seasonal from the garden with chicken.

Sweet Things

  • Pisang goreng: banana fritters, served with palm syrup.
  • Bubur injin: sticky black rice pudding,served with coconut cream.
  • Balinese pancakes: freshly made pancakes, served with palm syrup.
  • Fresh fruit salad: seasonal fruit combination, served with your choice of ice cream.
  • Homemade ice cream: choose from our range of seasonal flavours – vanilla bean, chocolate, strawberry, mangosteen, mango or coconut.
  • Chocolate pot: indulgent chocolate dessert, served with ice cream and fresh fruit.
  • Soft donuts: homemade, served with fruit coulis and ice cream.


  • Tasty Australian cheddar cheese on vita wheats with boni berry jam.
  • Fresh fruit.
  • Roasted cashews from East Bali.
  • Sweet potato fritters served with aioli or homemade tomato sauce.


Blended liquids

  • Soda and lime: Freshly crushed lime on ice with soda water.
  • Lime and mint aperitif: fleshly crushed lime and mint blended with honey and ice.
  • Coconut ice: young coconut blended with lime and ice.
  • Mango bliss: frosted mango and banana blended with pineapple and coconut milk.
  • Pure fruit blends: choose from pineapple, mint, papaya, lime, orange, carrot, apple or tamarind

Soft drinks

  • Sprite, Coca-Cola, Green Sands, ginger ale or soda water.

Pot of Tea

  • Earl Grey, English breakfast, peppermint, chamomile, green, lemongrass or ginger
  • Pot of Chai Tea
  • Bali Kope
  • Late

Alcohloic liquids

  • Bintang Beer
  • Local Wines
  • Spirits
  • Cocktails

[email protected]

Office: +62 85738467596


Choose Your Bungalow

2br/2bth (sleeps 1-5) US$220pn

2br/1bth (sleeps 1-4) from US$195pn

1br/1bth (sleeps 1-2) US$180pn

1br/1bth (Sleeps 1-2) US$135pn

1br/1bth (sleeps 1-2) US$120pn

2br/1bth (sleeps 1-5) fr US$220 pn

2br/1bth (sleeps 1-4) fr US$135 pn

2br/1bth (sleeps 1-4) fr US$140 pn


Rates include Tax&Service+Breakfast
No surcharge for high season


Specials & Packages

Stay a while... every 7th night FREE*

*Not available July Aug peak season

for 4 persons*

Total US$895
includes accommodation, meals, massages T&S and more...
*Not available July Aug peak season

for 2 people

*US$520 in Buddha Bungalow
*US$550 in Spring Water Bungalow

*US$650 in Little Paddy Bungalow
*US$850 in Waterfall Bungalow
includes accommodation, meals, massages T&S and more...


Yoga Retreats or Weddings



Exclusive Use of Resort available for yoga retreats, weddings or family gatherings. Ideal for 18 adults.

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Bali Eco Stay - Guest Reviews

"I just spent two nights in heaven, I feel completely reborn, I am awe struck at the magical power of  living water, I have been drinking fresh spring water that tastes so good, I am humbled that a glass of clean water from the earth is so rare…I also swam in the waterfalls and truly feel renewed an amazing place." Celia,

"We accidentally landed in your divine Bali Eco Stay mountain retreat and found one at the most beautiful and perfect places we have stayed in, Thank you. You have created something amazing that is eco + village friendly." Ruth & John Rudge - Accidentally Eco

Bali Eco Stay - Mt Batukaru

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