Things to do Things to do Take a walk (or climb!) in the rainforest with our guide, Kadek 126892893 See, hear, feel, smell and taste nature on a trek Some of our guests enjoying a walk in the rainforest. 126902031 Fancy a swim? Jump in our natural pool! 126892894 Thirsty? Join our staff in the bale for morning tea! Get the local gossip, taste the local lak-lak and drink a hot, sweet Balinese coffee or tea. 126892895 Did you enjoy your dinner? Learn how to make it in a cookery class with Mini. 121353300 Explore! Take a walk through the paddy fields and beyond... 126895034 Go for walk in the fresh, mountain air 127171461 Make a kite - the Balinese way 126895442 Join in a local ceremony 126895441 Take a bike ride into the countryside 126902030 Learn how to weave the local way with Kakek 126902032 Make a basket 127171458 Learn how to make offerings 127475274 Go fishing Try fishing in our ponds or the catfish ponds in the village. 127480037 Try rice planting 127171456 Try a bike ride with one of our guides... 127476235 ...cycle through villages... 127476234 ...ride downhill... 127476237 ...stop to admire the view... 127476233 ...and finish at the beach! 127476238 Feeling extreme? Try some off road cycling too! 127476236 Take a day trip to Bali Asli Discover where many of our eco-friendly products are locally made. 127480036 Wash Olivia with us! 127171460 Bali Asli - underneath the buni (jam) tree 127480035 127171459 Make a friend Huey can be your guide and play-mate during your stay! He also has lots of books, toys and games to share. 126895443 Join the Bali Eco Stay band! 127171457 Wood carving with Kadek 128836932 Finished carving 128836931 rice paddies enjoy the scenery 151169996 202043527 202043558 202043559