Construction Construction Ceremony to mark the start of construction 126655418 Bamboo drying before being used 126655413 Coconut wood drying in the sun 126655420 After drying in the sun, it is treated in a traditional wood oven 126655407 Materials are carried to the construction site... 126655404 ...still walking with full baskets on their heads 126655401 126655405 Preparing for buliding the lumbung 126655408 Making a canal wall for water to flow to the rice fields 126655406 Laying garden path tiles 126655409 Crane used in construction of the restaurant 126655412 The roof being put on the restaurant 126655402 126655414 Work begins on Little Paddy 126655415 Little Paddy taking shape 126655417 Work begins on Rice Water 126655416 Rice Water under way 126655422 Catch! 126655403 The roof being put on Rice Water 126655423 Start of the work on the dam 126655424 Construction of Harvest bungalow 126660161 Work on Harvest continues 126660160 Dam wall finished... 126655425 ...and natural swimming pool created! 126655426 Laying the pipe for electric turbine 126655411 Offering for opening ceremony 126660163 More offerings 126660164 Gamelan orchestra 126660162 Balinese dancing 126660524 More dancing 126660166