In the garden In the garden Banana tree flower 126195422 Young bananas Once ripe they can be enjoyed in our fresh juices, homemade iceceam and deep fried fritters. 126198746 Home grown herbs These complement many of the restaurant dishes as well as being used in traditional sambals (sauces). 126198741 Seedlings in bamboo trays The vegetable garden is constantly evolving. As well as sweets potatoes, chilli peppers, egg plant, cassava and wind bean are just some of the produce which is grown on site. 126198740 Perfect peppers Grown for use in the restaurant, these chillis are used in many different meals. 126198743 More chillis 121353298 Lemon grass 121353305 Long bean 121353306 121353307 121353297 Fresh papaya Enjoy as part of the complimentary breakfast or in a fruit salad for dessert. 126198742 Olivia in action in the garden 126660722 Towering palms Try some of our coconuts during your stay - they are used in the restaurant dishes, cooking oil and served in a refreshing juice upon arrival. 126198745 Time for reflection The morning sun bounces off one of the nine fish ponds. 126198739 Peaceful pond 126198738 Back garden view 121353304 Steps up to the restaurant 126660720 Fancy a swim? 121353302 View from the restaurant 126660723 Waterfall 126660721 Cocoa Where chocolate comes from 202043303 Pineaple Organic pineapple for breakfast 202043304